You’ll Learn ??

This website ” The Sigma Analytics” is all about of fusion of Six Sigma and Analytical Science to drive the edge of perfection in driving improvement in the existing systems.

This website will support in learning the art of utilizing Data Science to drive design of new Products & Services having perfect “?” Sigma (error free) offerings in the company and market.

On this website everyone can learn about

  • Six Sigma (Green Belt/Black Belt)
  • Design of Experiments
  • Statistical Tools (Minitab/SPSS/SAS-JMP)
  • Statistical Techniques (Hypothesis Testing -Basic + Advanced)
  • Business Intelligence ( Microsoft Power BI)
  • Predictive Modeling (linear-Binary-Ordinal-Nominal)
  • Time Series Forecasting (ARMA/ARIMA/Winter)
  • Oracle SQL/PL-SQL
  • SAS/R/Python