Sigmalytics: Fusion is Future

What is Fusion????

 Fusion is amalgamation of different entities into one entity which is completely new outcome of synthesis.

What is Sigmalytics & Why????

 Sigmalytics is the fusion of multiple Data Source and Best Management Processes & Practices to drive intelligence & deeper insights to take decisions .

   When Six Sigma is merged with Analytics Science then there is parturition of

   Sigmalytics ( Fusion is Future) = Six Sigma + Best Practices + Analytics Science

 Sigmalytics have 4 primary features which makes this Predictive Management Methodology.

  1.  Consistent
  2.  Accurate
  3.  Robust
  4.  Descriptive Information

 An exponential increase in data sources provide today’s Analysts, Data Scientists/Engineers, Six Sigma professionals and war fighters with a significantly larger, much more enhanced scope of operation.

   However, with these new capabilities comes the ever-more pressing need to combine the increasing number of diverse and dispersed sources of data into information and knowledge for a comprehensive picture of the operational area. This Website provides a detailed understanding of the cutting-edge and most commonly used methodologies and technologies for multi-source and data & best practices fusion.

  You will learn learn how to analyze, combine and make sense of large volumes of structured and unstructured data from diveresd sources, such as physical sensors, operational transactions, human intelligence, news, blogs, and social networking sites, by applying Sigmalytics.

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